Central Library

Giani Zail Singh Campus College of Engineering & Technology


Developing Library Network, New Delhi

Domain Name: www.delnet.nic.in
DELNET is available on the online and LAN by visiting the following URL (within the campus/Intranet)

DELNET information resources are bibliographic in nature
How to Search?
Step 1
Go to DELNET Website at http://delnet.nic.in through Internet Explorer or Netscape.
Step 2
Click onto DELNET ONLINE on left hand column.
Step 3
Click on this link

Step 4
A new web page appears showing linkages to DELNET Databases. On the left hand frame, you get the abbreviations of the Participating Libraries who have contributed the records to various databases. This is a pointer for giving the full name of the Institutions wherein the material (Books, Journals, etc.) are physically available. These abbreviations are being represented in the Location Code / Library Holding of the various databases.
Step 5
For Searching Books Catalogue, Journals, etc.
If you want to search for any specific book, kindly double click the very first database, i.e. Union Catalogue of Books: CCF. This database currently has bibliographic information of more than 25 lakh books. These books are available in different Member-Libraries all across the country
Step 6
Click the Union Catalogue of Books: CCF, a window appears displaying: "You are Accessing – Union Catalogue of Books: CCF" with the searching options such as Title, Author, Subject, Series, Date of Publication, Place and Publisher, Corporate Body, Locations, etc. Searching can be done through any of the fields available in a database. The searching strategies for all the databases are the same. The the list of major Union Catalogues, Union Lists, etc can be seen on web page of DELNET
Step 7
Inter Library Loan (ILL) Online Registration for Books/Articles Once the results of the query are displayed, you can place an Inter Library Loan (ILL) request for books or a request for photocopies of articles by sending an e-mail. Please feel free to send us ILL requests for Books or requests for photocopies of Journal Articles of your choice through E-Mail to: librarian_gzscet@hotmail.com DELNET will process the request and send us the books(s) or journal articles through courier/post as desired by you.