Library Services

University  has a fully stocked and well equipped central library to cater the needs of students, teachers and researchers. In this regard, the Library is providing online and offline services to its users. For online services, users can contact through the HELP DESK platform. Online Services are password bases,  Kindly use your user id number and password for online services.

Lending Service: Lending services include loan of  books, renewal and reservation facilities. The services are available only to users who are registered as library members. The conditions to have access to the services are as per the Loan and membership policy. At present, this service is providing offline but short while renewal and reservation of library books will be online.

Information Literacy: The Information Literacy Services and Instruction programs offered by the University Library teach library users to identify, retrieve, evaluate, judge, use and value information and information tools while attending to the legal and ethical considerations involved in doing so. The services and programs are developed in a strategic and systematic manner but are expected to vary in approach and composition of strategies utilized based on curriculum needs, user skills and experiences, and library resources.This service is provided online and offline.

Photocopy Services: Reprography, as explained, is a term that is now used in place of photo duplicating, photocopying, duplicating, printing, document reproduction or documentary reproduction. University Library is providing these services to the library members at nominal costs.

Inter Library Loan Service: Central Library is interlinked with Developing Library Network (DELNET). At present more than 3000 libraries are interlinked with this network. These libraries can share these resources through DELNET. If any user wants to require any book or article which is not available in our library, but required book and article is available in DELNET Database or Member Libraries, these books and articles are provided through Inter Library Loan, but the charges will be paid by the user. The charges for these services are 4 times courier charges on demanded book/s and book/s will be returned to the parent library as per their rules. In the case of article two times courier charges and Rs. 2/- per page photocopy charges will be extra. This service is provided on an online request basis.

Scanning and Digitization Service: Scanning and Digitization Services includes scanning of hard copy documents to desired digital formats, specialized scanning service for old archival grade manuscripts, Hard bound books, documents, thesis, photographs, Rare and Fragile material on best of the breed special equipments to take care of valuable content. This service will be started short while.

Current Awareness Service : The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries.  In the previous times, libraries have used display boards and shelves to draw attention to recent additions but in recent times all the new titles are available in the website and users can see these documents in their web account details.

Selective Dissemination of Information: Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) is a type of current awareness service meant to keep the user abreast with the latest developments in the field of his interest. It is a personalized service meant for the individual or a group of users having identical information needs. It is a quick service which provides the pinpointed and exhaustive information to the users. SDI involves the screening of the document and selecting the information according to the specific information needs of each user or group of users (homogeneous). The main objective is to keep the user well-informed and up-to-date in his area of interest. At present, this library is provided to the researchers.

Document Delivery Service:  University Library is providing document delivery service to its users. If the information is available in  digital format, then the university library will provide this information free of cost (send through email or link). If the information is printed form, the university library will collect courier charges from the users (up and down through courier). These charges will  separate from the Inter Library loan service.

Plagiarism Detection Service: Library offers Plagiarism Checking Service using ‘Ouriginal’ tool to its registered users. Ouriginal is leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention web tool which allows researchers to compare their contents against the massive databases to ensure the work is original before submission. UGC has provided this tool. To get the plagiarism checking done and have the similarity report generated, please write to us at along a soft copy of the document (ie. thesis, dissertation, manuscript of article, research papers, assignment etc.) to be checked in PDF, DOCX file format. Faculty members can have credentials to directly access Ourginal if they wish to do so.

Remote Access of E-Resources: University Library provides members to access the licensed electronic resources from outside the university’s IP range. This service works without installing any additional software and it is independent of the operating system. For this service, all the users are requested to contact the library staff.