MRSPTU Central Library

The library was established the year 1989. The library has a collection of over 55224 volumes of  books related to the domain area of the university. The library’s amazingly rich collection contains E- resources, Textbooks, BIS codes, VCD, Encyclopedias, Directories, Yearbooks and Biographical sources and General Books. It is also subscribing for 108+  printed journals and general magazines. Library subscribes full text online database i.e. IEEE, Elsevier (Science direct Pharmacy), ASCE, ASME, Textile Complete Technology, Scopus and has Pearson e-Books also. The library is a member of DELNET and NDL. Electronic library has 23 systems to access the E-Journals, E-books, CD/DVD’s etc. Library & Information Centre provides uncompromising information and intellectual requirements to its students and faculty with a user-friendly approach. It offers a fully integrated and dynamic environment for conducting academic study. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available in the Reference Section and Stack Section as well. Library has an independent Reading Hall. The Periodical Section of the library is housed in a separate hall which has books especially of Architecture and Textile Engineering along with printed journals, Newspaper and Common Magazines. CCTV Surveillance System is installed in the Library.


The vision of the Central Library of MRSPTU, Bathinda is to inspire teaching, learning and creativity through information resources and services.


With an inclusive and supportive environment the library provides sharing of knowledge and development of life long skills for the betterment of global society.


We are committed to provide updated, accurate and authentic information to the community by offering best in class infrastructural facilities.


  • To provide educational resources and related services in several formats that meets our users’ demands.
  • To reinvent the physical and virtual space of the library to fulfill the needs of our students and faculty in the future.
  • To educate users about various services and resources.
  • To foster a collaborative culture for amalgamation of information resources and its users.

University has a fully stocked and well equipped central library to cater the needs of students, teachers and researchers. Library has printed as well as electronic versions of books and journals belonging to various subjects in the domain of the university. Library has a computer lab which includes 1 server, 22 computer systems, projector, 3 TV,  3 printers with scanners and related peripherals which aids in e-learning. Students can access various e-resources and do the project work in this lab. Library has a Xerox Section which includes the latest photo copy machines. It is providing photocopy service to its users at nominal cost.

Residential Courses

Library has a large collection of books for students, researchers and teachers of various disciplines in the university. Staff of the library encourages learning and creativity among students by providing required resources and a conducive environment.

Research Facilities

Library has a fine collection of journals, dissertations and other resources, which provide research facilities and enhance the research skills among its stakeholders.

Interlinked with Network Station

Library is interlinked with DELNET which enables  users to access the information resources from all over the world that are not available in the library.

Book Bank

Central Library has been established as a Book Bank for SC/ST category students with the grant received from the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Punjab. Book Bank is providing 3 books (as per availability) to the SC/ST student for the complete semester in the beginning of each academic session, apart from the normal facility of lending 3 books from Central Library. SC/ST students of the university can become a member of the book bank only after receiving the required information from the Academic Department. Books shall be returned within two days after the theory examination except for the student of final semester who have to return the books to the library before the start of final semester

University library has  divided following sections :

  • Circulation Section
  • Periodical Section
  • Theses Section
  • Technical Section
  • Digital Collection
  • Reference cum Consultation Book Section
  • Xerox (Photocopy) Section
  • Computer Lab
  • Book Bank
  • Research Cabins

The Detail of Library Collection as follow:

Name Quantity
Books (Including e-books) 55224
Printed Journals 78
E-Journals 1000+
Newspapers 13
CD/DVD  (Learning) 350
Theses & Dissertations 1000
Bound Periodicals (Vols) 500+

Library will open as per following schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Reading Hall: 7.00 AM to 11.00 PM
  • Issue Timings: 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.


(With Other Institutions/Organizations)

  • Central library, MRSPTU, Bathinda has Membership of Council of Educational Associates (CEA) of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar. Under this, library resources of institute can be shared (vide letter no. IITR/PR/2021/ICSR&II/4101 dated 24.02.2021 of IIT, Ropar)
  • Central library, MRSPTU, Bathinda has established SWAYAM NPTEL local chapter since 20.05.2019. Through this, different online courses under SWAYAM portal are smoothly
  • Library has membership of E-ShodhSindhu (ESS) of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Under this scheme, we are provided free of cost e- journal packages to use for a period of one year. At present, we are using this facility for ASME, ASCE & Scopus E-Journals packages.
  • Central Library, MRSPTU, bathinda has signed a MoU with INFLIBNET Centre for Shodhganga/Shodhgangotri. Through this, we are enable to upload/share/accessthesis and dissertationsIn electronic format with member of Universities. Membership also providesa Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS)vide letter no. NFL/Shodhganga/MoU/AC/264/2019/29 dated 10th June,2019 of INFLIBNET Centre.